Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tom Colicchio Gay

Tom Colicchio, Gay? — This question has long been asked secretly between the gossip pages.  Now we may have the answer to that.

Although Tom Colicchio is married to filmmaker Lori Silverbush. Many bloggers and food commentators have the opinion that he is instead, well, GAY.

Tom Colicchio is Italian-American on both his father’s and mother’s side. He is the recipient of five James Beard Foundation Medals for his cooking accomplishments. He has been the head judge on every season of the Bravo reality TV show Top Chef.

On August 20, 2008, Colicchio partnered with Or Die Networks’, a site dedicated to hosting entertaining, instructional food videos made by experts and users alike. Below is a video of Craft NYC with Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio:

View the following video to decide for yourself!  


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